Thursday, June 30, 2005

I have followed this since Natalie first came up missing. I mainly watch foxnews and search the internet, so you will know where i am getting my information. It is amazing how quickly everyone is to say what a bad person Joran is and to make statements that he is the only one who knows exactly what happened to Natalie. Believe it or not, their are millions of other things that could have happened to her. We know from her "friends" (who let her leave with 3 guys she barely knew) that they had been drinking. It's been said from the brothers her and Joran were "making out" in the backseat of their car, they went to the beach and the rest is unknown... however, that doesn't make him the one who did anything.. Maybe she was walking back to her hotel and someone else picked her up. Maybe someone who was on the trip with her did something to her. It is much easier to blame someone then to keep saying we have no answers...Everyone is sure quick to say how fast the US would have solved this case, but i can think of plenty of cases we didn't solve so quickly.. Laci Peterson, BTK killers, Precious Doe, the little Ramsey girl, .... and so on... We really don't know this kid or Natalie, we know the media does everything they can to make her look like she has never made a mistake and him to look like a criminal. He has no past they have records of, he is an honors student at school and got a scholarship to college just like she did, but you don't hear much about that.


Blogger Rootietoot said...

and maybe he wanted to have sex with her and she tried to back out so he smacked her and she fell down and bashed her head on a rock and died. It could happen.

12:31 PM  
Blogger ss said...

yeah it could... then what did they do with her body

1:16 PM  
Blogger geowashdescendant said...

You may have heard the slogan "Don't mess with Texas"--don't even begin to mess with ALABAMA. This is in response to your Riehlworld note in which you began a sarcastic reply, "...then again you are from Alabama..." The lack of punctuation in that quote is yours. Natalee is Alabama's and The United States of America's girl--she is the victim; there is no defense for the ones who harmed her--you are wasting your breath!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Web Sleuth said...

The most disturbing published fact is not the "confession" in Diario, but the fact that the Kalpoes and Joran van der S. pointed the finger at the Black security guards.

We can accept unsolved crimes, but this was blatant racism.

8:00 AM  
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